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The Manawa Gift Voucher

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Choose and pre-pay any of our 7130 activities worldwide.

Buy a gift voucher for one of our many adventures - from skydiving, to paragliding, and from dog sledding to scuba diving!

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The Manawa Gift Card

Our gift card can be used to book any of our 7130 activities worldwide.Instant purchase and delivery, 1 year validity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Manawa Gift Card work?

The Manawa gift card holds a monetary value of your choice. The Gift Card be used to purchase any activity on our site Gift cards are not required to be registered under the holder’s name and can be used up to several purchases exclusively on our site.

How can I use my gift card?

Upon receiving your gift card you will find a unique code (14 characters). Once you have chosen an activity to book on our website, follow the steps to complete the reservation and add the activity to your cart. Simply input the Gift Card code into the appropriate field upon booking and the Gift Card value will be automatically applied and deducted from your booking value.

I purchased a Gift Card, when will I receive it?

A printer-friendly PDF version of the Gift Card will be sent immediately via email to the person who purchased it. The gift card can then be offered directly to the recipient of your choice.

What happens when the Gift Card value is more/less than the price of the activity booked?

The Gift Card works like a virtual wallet. One can use it to book an activity whose cost is less than the Card Value. The Card will then have a lower outstanding value, which can then be used to book another activity at a latter time. Conversely, if the Card Value is less than the cost of the activity, the beneficiary will simply pay for the outstanding difference upon booking.

Can I use my gift card for several activities?

If the activity you have purchased is of a lower value than the total amount on your Gift Card the difference will remain on your card for a future purchase on our site. Please note: a gift card cannot be used to purchase another gift card.

The activity I purchased with my gift card was canceled, can I be reimbursed?

If you are not responsible for the activity’s cancellation (instructor is not available, unforeseen weather conditions, etc…) we will re-credit your Gift Card with the exact amount used for the activity’s original purchase. You can then purchase another activity to your liking.

Can I cancel my Gift Card purchase?

Unfortunately, Gift cards cannot be exchanged, resold, reimbursed (even partially), nor credited to another bank account, credit card, or gift card.